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A Green Office Initiative Since 1990

Reuse, recycle, report and repair—all while saving money.

Being environmentally conscientious benefits both your team and society.

By choosing sustainable practices for your business, you're showing your dedication to building a better world. Together we can contribute to the wellbeing of our community.

A group of trees representing the sustainable printing initiatives at QLS Solutions Group

Ways to Go Green

Together, we can creater greener workplaces!

Looking to create a more sustainable workplace? We have several tips and tricks for ways your team can start going green. Learn more about sustainable office practices.

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A QLS Solutions Group employee talking to a customer about the green business process consulting services

Green Business Process Consulting

Get services and solutions that support sustainability.

Our team is knowledgeable about the latest in sustainability. With our Green Business Process Consulting, your workplace can be transformed into a greener environment.

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A person returning and recycling an HP printer ink cartridge to the HP Planet Partners Program

HP Planet Partners Program

Want to recycle used printers and supplies? We can help!

QLS works with HP to keep used print devices and ink cartridges out of landfills. Thus far, QLS has managed to refurbish up to 1,000 HP LaserJet printers every year!

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A pile of printer ink being recycled


We recycle your used devices and supplies for free!

Have a print device or cartridge that you don't need anymore? Don't let it become waste. The QLS team is happy to recycle all used print devices and supplies for free!

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