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HP Planet Partners Program

HP's Planet Partners Program

For computer equipment and printing supplies.

HP Planet Partners Program Logo

We'll remove and recycle used or unused HP printer supplies and printers for free!

When you're done with your products, we do everything we can to provide options for responsible collection and recycling.

"Our plan is to offer companies and organizations in Western New York a free service to remove old HP supplies and hardware for recycling [...] many of the companies we work with have stock rooms with unused supplies or old HP printers that are destined for the dumpster. We're happy to say that we can help local organizations avoid this through HP's program, and to promote sustainability in our communities.”

— Gary Skalyo, QLS Founder

Why Choose HP's Planet Partners Program:

  • HP's program helps to keep print cartridges out of landfills. As of December 2008, more than 265 million HP LaserJet and HP inkjet cartridges have been returned and recycled worldwide.
  • HP has the right technology available to turn recycled plastics into new HP inkjet cartridges.

Why Recycle with QLS for HP's Plant Partners Program:

  • We offer more sustainable choices, such as remanufactured laser printer toner cartridges.
  • We recycle up to 1,000 printer cartridges every week.
  • QLS Solutions Group, Inc. remanufactures and distributes up to 1,000 HP LaserJet printers every year.