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HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Company

Proudly serving Upstate New York.

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By ensuring that the vendor you choose uses processes that comply with HIPAA regulations, you ensure that one of the things that patients value the most—their private information—remains secure.

Medical Records Scanning transforms patient records, EOBs, etc. into secure electronic files that can be stored in Content Management System or on a Server’s Drive. When using a Medical Records Scanning Service, you must be sure your contractor adheres to HIPAA and other Compliance Protocols.QLS Solutions Group performs comprehensive background checks on our employees, uses strict security protocols and transports documents in secure vehicles to secure facilities.

Factors to Consider for HIPAA Compliance:

Physical Security of the Paper Records

HIPAA requires the physical protection of paper records. There is a chain of custody protocol that is maintained and paper documents are transferred in secure vehicles to secure facilities for storage and processing.

Audit Trails

A provision of HIPAA regulations, an audit trail of all personnel and contractors who have handled, processed, reviewed, or transported medical records. QLS maintains detailed, granular audit trails for all medical records scanning and conversion projects.

Data Security

HIPAA states that organizations that store, receive and transmit data must have security protocols in place to reduce security threats, such as firewalls, 24-hour network monitoring, encryptions, and advanced antivirus programs. QLS Solutions Group has measures in place to ensure data security.

Document Recovery

HIPAA requires that document-scanning services and medical facilities have a data backup plan. QLS has a documented backup, continuity, and recovery plan that is continually being adhered to.

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