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Document and Content Management

Track, Manage and Store:

Keep documents securely stored electronically and remotely!

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Document and Content Management - Upstate New York

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What is Document Management

Document Management is the systematic process of digitizing, storing, managing and retrieving documents. By coordinating and controlling the flow of electronic and paper documents, a company can ensure their information is securely and efficiently accessed.

Document Management Solutions (DMS) also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a solution that provides tools necessary to capture/scan, store, index and manage your data all in a safe secure way.

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Benefits Of Use Include:

RESPOND immediately to inquiries and be more responsive to customers

ENHANCE information security and protect against data loss and damage

INCREASE employee productivity and office efficiency

RECLAIM valuable office space by eliminating filing cabinets and paperwork

ENSURE compliance with governmental regulatory requirements

Solution Architecture

A diagram of the document management solutions process at QLS Solutions Group.

Save time, money and increase productivity:

  • Filing and retrieving documents with a DMS is faster.
  • Eliminate filing redundant copies of the same documents.
  • Access your documents from anywhere.
  • Never lose a document.
  • Document is always available, even if someone else is using it.
  • Reclaim valuable office space.
  • Stop spending money every month for off-site document storage.

Provide "knock-your-socks-off" customer service:

  • When customers call for information, you have immediate access to the documents.
  • Never put a customer on “hold” because of file retrieval.
  • Quickly email, print, or fax documents to answer inquiries.

Increase corporate organization and workflows:

  • Secure, central repository for all documents.
  • Manages electronic documents in their original formats (xls, .ppt, etc.)
  • Turn traditional paper workflow processes into efficient, cost-saving and productive electronic processes.

Makes your office green and sustainable:

  • Decrease the need for paper, ink and toner.
  • Use less power on print devices.
  • Eliminate the need to mail or ship any paper documents.

Document security and compliance:

  • Control access to your documents.
  • Have a complete view, print, edit, and email history.
  • Revisions are updated for both .PDF Documents and program files (e.g.: MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Documents are in a secure, encrypted repository
  • Comply with HIPAA, SOX and other agencies.
  • Quickly export documents based on date ranges.

Document Management Software

Electronic filing and organization will secure client files, employee documents, and important paper records into one centralized management system.

Scanning Data Capture

Improve your business process by capturing images and data and transforming them into organized, searchable information.

Cloud Storage

Documents are protected and easily accessible, and no servers or IT staff are needed. Let us do all the work for you.

Page Counter

Quickly and efficiently process large groups of documents at one time to analyze page count, page size, and compression type.

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