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Document Scanning

Transform your office with QLS Solutions Group's Document Scanning service. By converting paper files into digital formats, we help businesses unlock new levels of efficiency, freeing up valuable office space and ensuring documents are easily accessible and shareable, even remotely.

Copier & Printer Service Calls

When copier and printer issues threaten your business's productivity, QLS Solutions Group is here to help. Our expert onsite service ensures your equipment is quickly repaired or maintained, reducing downtime and keeping your operations smooth.

Copier & Printer Sales

Experience the best in document technology with QLS Solutions Group's range of Konica Minolta BizHub copiers and printers. Whether you're looking to buy, lease, or rent, we provide comprehensive solutions that include full service and maintenance, ensuring your business enjoys maximum uptime.

document technology solutions for EVERY office

You Deserve Unmatched Reliability and Efficiency

In a world where time is money, and efficiency is the key to success, you deserve a partner who understands the critical role of copiers and printers in your business. At QLS Solutions Group, we empathize with the frustration of equipment downtime. With us, you can avoid the pitfalls of decreased productivity and the stress of malfunctioning equipment. Imagine a transformed workspace where every document, every print, and every copy seamlessly contributes to your business's success. That's the QLS promise – a promise of reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.

QLS Onsite Copier Care Service Program

How It Works

1. Schedule an Onsite Service Call

Begin by scheduling a convenient time for our team to visit your office. This step is crucial in ensuring timely and effective service for your equipment.

2. Initial


Upon arrival, our technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of your copier or printer setup. This assessment is key to understanding your specific needs and challenges.

3. Address Issues & Provide Repairs

Based on the assessment, our skilled technicians will address any issues, performing necessary repairs to ensure your equipment operates at its best.

4. Preventative Maintenance

In addition to repairs, we carry out preventative maintenance. This proactive approach enhances the reliability and longevity of your copiers and printers.

5. Continuous


Enjoy peace of mind with our 12-month warranty on parts and labor. Plus, the cost of the service call can be applied to a replacement copier if needed.

6. Fleet Management Software

Receive access to free enterprise-grade software to manage your entire fleet of copiers and printers. This includes a detailed assessment and proposal for ongoing support and maintenance.

The QLS Difference


& Experience

With over 30 years in the business, our family-owned company leads the market in Western New York, offering unparalleled knowledge and skill in document technology.



From sales to service, we provide a full range of solutions including copier and printer repair, leasing, rentals, and managed print services, tailored to your unique business needs.



We offer the latest in document scanning and conversion services, enabling your business to transition to a more efficient, digital workspace.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our focus is on solving your immediate challenges and ensuring long-term reliability of your equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity for your business.

Western New York's Leading Experts in Document Technology

At QLS Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on serving a diverse range of clients, from bustling hotels and gourmet restaurants to professional law offices, dedicated insurance agencies, and community-centered churches. Our expertise isn't limited to just a few industries; we understand and cater to the unique document management needs of various sectors.

Our partnerships with leading brands like Konica Minolta BizHub Copiers and HP enable us to offer you the best in document technology. These collaborations, along with many others, empower us to provide top-tier equipment and services tailored to your specific requirements.

We're not just about selling or leasing equipment; we're about creating value for your business. Our various programs are designed to streamline your processes and reduce costs, ensuring that your office operates with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With QLS Solutions Group, you're choosing a partner committed to enhancing your business's productivity and success.

See What Our Clients are Saying...

Efficient Document Management in 3 Easy Steps


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We'll address any issues and provide repairs


Sit back while we streamline your processes and reduce your costs

Streamline your business

Your Partner in Office Productivity

Nestled in Western New York, QLS Solutions Group is a versatile player in the realm of document management and technology services. We specialize in a range of offerings, from B2B onsite copier and printer repair to the sales, leasing, and rentals of leading brands like Konica Minolta BizHub Copiers and HP. Our Managed Print Services simplify the complexities of maintaining a fleet of copiers and printers, providing everything from supplies to maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and efficiency.

Our diverse clientele spans various sectors, including hospitality, legal, insurance, and community organizations, reflecting our adaptability and expertise in meeting unique document management needs. This diversity not only showcases our versatility but also strengthens our ability to offer tailored solutions. Our Document Scanning and Conversion Service Bureau exemplifies this, aiding businesses in their transition to digital document management, thereby enhancing accessibility, collaboration, and space utilization.

At QLS Solutions Group, we're more than just a provider; we're a partner in your journey towards streamlined operations and reduced costs. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on guiding businesses towards improved efficiency and productivity, ensuring that your document management systems are a driving force for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets QLS apart in copier and printer services?

At QLS Solutions Group, our distinction lies in our comprehensive approach to document management. With over 30 years of experience, we bring a depth of expertise that's rare in the industry. Our services go beyond mere repairs and sales; we offer a holistic solution encompassing sales, leasing, rentals, and managed print services. Our partnership with leading brands like Konica Minolta BizHub and HP ensures that we provide only the best equipment. Additionally, our Managed Print Services are tailored to reduce your operational burdens, offering everything from supply management to regular maintenance, ensuring your equipment functions at peak efficiency.

How does the QLS Onsite Copier Care Service Program benefit my business?

The QLS Onsite Copier Care Service Program is designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. When you schedule a service call, our expert technicians conduct a thorough assessment to identify and resolve any issues. This proactive approach includes repairs and preventative maintenance, ensuring your equipment operates reliably. The program also includes a 12-month warranty on parts and labor, offering peace of mind. Furthermore, the cost of the service call can be applied to a replacement copier, providing a cost-effective solution for upgrading your equipment.

Can QLS help my business transition to digital document management?

Absolutely. Our Document Scanning and Conversion Service Bureau is a cornerstone of our digital transformation services. We assist in converting your physical documents into electronic files, facilitating easy access, storage, and sharing. This service not only helps in freeing up physical space but also enhances the efficiency of document retrieval and management. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring a smooth transition to a digital workspace that aligns with your business processes and goals.

What types of businesses and organizations does QLS serve?

QLS Solutions Group serves a wide array of industries, reflecting our adaptability and expertise in various fields. Our clients include hotels, restaurants, law offices, insurance agencies, churches, and many other organizations. Each industry has its unique challenges and requirements, and our team is skilled in providing customized solutions that cater to these specific needs. Whether it's managing a large fleet of printers in a corporate setting or providing efficient document management solutions for a small business, our services are designed to meet the diverse demands of our clients.

How does QLS ensure the reliability of the equipment they provide?

Reliability is a cornerstone of our service philosophy. We partner with reputable brands like Konica Minolta BizHub and HP to ensure that the equipment we provide is of the highest quality. Additionally, our Managed Print Services include regular maintenance and proactive servicing to prevent downtime. Our technicians are highly trained to identify potential issues before they become problems, ensuring that your equipment remains reliable and efficient. This commitment to reliability is further backed by our comprehensive warranties and responsive customer support.

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