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Web Based Document Printers

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Web Based Document Printers

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

Sometimes you just need a list. “To do” lists, shopping lists and wish lists can be a lot of fun. They keep us organized and on track. They provide a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed.

Virtual lists can be great and convenient, but sometimes you need a piece of paper to hold in your hands. You need to feel the pen scratch off an item. Let’s face it, sometimes hitting delete isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to take that list, crumple it into a ball and practice layups in the trash can.
So, what do you do when you create the perfect list, but it is stuck on your phone or tablet? You could save it to a flash drive or email it to yourself. Then you wait until you get to a competer hooked up to a printer. If only there was an easier way.
Well, wait no more. The new ePrint enabled HP printers can print from the cloud and save a lot of hassle transferring documents. Now you too can enjoy the satisfaction of a wonderful paper list.

Of course, you could print up reports of plane tickets for a flight. You could print up your new sales flyers while still in your marketing strategy meeting and be ready to disperse them as soon as the meeting ends. With a quick email to your office, your employees could disperse the flyers back for you, all before the other managers in the meeting even have a chance to get back to the office and tell someone to print them.
Or you could print a list. The choice is yours.

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