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Total Cost of Ownership | For Laser Printers

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Total Cost of Ownership | For Laser Printers

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

Due to the nature of our Managed Print Services business, I am frequently asked about replacing or adding a printer to an office or department. The customer usually has something in mind and almost always  mentions some name brands. I let them make this inquiry because it is the perfect invitation to discuss Cost of Ownership.

I advise taking these Factors into consideration:

  • Initial Cost of the Equipment
  • Required Supplies on hand such as Toners, etc.
  • Access to a Service Provider for the chosen brand
  • Does the Printer meet the needs of Targeted Usage?
  • Do they require Networking?

I almost always steer people towards HP for a few reasons. Certainly all companies have their strengths, but HP just seems to have a few more. They are a world leader in the industry and maintain a great record of reliability. High quality compatible consumables are usually available within a reasonable amount of time which lowers your Cost Per Page (CPP).

Last but not least, don’t be taken in by the “cheapest” piece of equipment. You might be surprised when it comes time to change things like toners.  Also, watch for separate drums; these can really hike up your bill.

Do you agree that some helpful information from an industry expert might make you feel comfortable about your next choice in a Laser Printer?

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