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The Long Tail of Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing Skip to main content

The Long Tail of Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing

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The Long Tail of Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing

Wed Apr 26, 2023 | Admin

Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB) today are rapidly refocusing their Marketing dollars and efforts to Inbound Marketing from the old Outbound, or Interruptive Marketing practices that seem to no longer be effective enough to get an ROI in 2010.

These outdated and ineffective Marketing Practices include Direct Mail, Email Blasts, Phone Calls, and Television & Radio Spots.  They are just no longer performing the way they did years ago.  Of course, it’s because it is just too interruptive and people have found ways to insulate themselves from this “Buy from Me” approach; I know I have.
I can droll on all day about the effectiveness of Inbound Marketing and all of its components (Blogs, Websites, Landing Pages, Social Media, SEO, etc); but really excites me about Inbound Marketing is the Long Tail Concept and it’s unique ability to produce Long Tail Results.

For those of you not familiar with the Long Tail Concept, the long tail of a search refers to the vast number of lower traffic volume keywords that are often much less competitive (for SEO) than the most popular keywords; which yield remarkably better results for your website. An example of this would be to search using the term Managed Print Services; of course there are millions of results and very hard to get on the first page of a Google result. The Long Tail version would be “Managed Print Services Rochester”, where a Rochester based MPS Provider would have a better chance of ranking high and getting noticed.

While Inbound Marketing currently dominates our Marketing Budget, there are some Old School Advertising & Marketing Practices that we just can’t ignore. If we see a return and it serves our customers, we should do it, right? –but how can our business and your business achieve the desired, Long Tail Results in the Offline World?

Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing – I know what you are thinking, “Has this guy lost his mind?” –Vehicle Wraps? Long Tail? They seem as interruptive as anything driving around town distracting other motorists. How can you ensure that the eyeballs that are seeing your message are actual prospects? How can your wrapped vehicle(s) possibly be meaningful to those eyeballs? and how could they ever become customers?

The answer is, you have to make your World Smaller.  That’s right, scale this thing back by how you rationalize it.  At Quality Laser Services; among other things, we Service & Maintain Laser Printers and MFPs right in our clients offices in Western New York (WNY).  We also deliver products (toner cartridges) and remove empty cartridges from our client’s offices; we use our Fleet of company Vehicles to do this.

That’s it.  That is our whole world.  The time our Message Rich, Wrapped Vehicle’s are parked at a client site, generally in Business Parks and in Prominent Business Districts; is when the eyeballs viewing our Message are more likely to be a customer. These are Long Tail eyeballs looking at our Message.
The “Message” I keep talking about is very important. Your wrap has to tell a story. Paul Marko, from Download Design has done an extraordinary job of designing all of QLS’s vehicle wraps. The stories’ Paul’s designs tell are consistently the same; “a Professional Technician is solving a problem for your neighbor (fixing a printer, MFP or copier) and is available to do the same for you, sometime.” Another message our larger vehicles convey is “I am delivering business supplies for your neighbor, recycling their waste, and can do the same for you.”
Like I said, we focus on the time our Wrapped Vehicles are parked, not moving; because it is where it is parked that provides the results we desire.

QLS wrapped car advertisement

We have had 3 new vehicles Wrapped in the last year or so, all of them by VSP Marketing Graphic Group in West Seneca, NY. VSP has done a great job for us, despite the challenges of the variety of vehicles we have in our fleet.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing is still one of our top sources of prospects and customers; because we have made our World Smaller, carefully crafted a Message and achieved Long Tail results.

How can you achieve better results from your Offline Marketing initiatives? By applying these same principles to other, still-meaningful Marketing Efforts, like Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Fleet Marketing.

Let me know if you have any Ideas where this concept might work in your business!

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