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The Best Electronic Filing System for Your Business Skip to main content

The Best Electronic Filing System for Your Business

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The Best Electronic Filing System for Your Business

Tue May 02, 2023 | Admin

Skip bulky file cabinets and go beyond traditional physical storage. Current estimates show that up to 50% of space in offices can be devoted to storing paper records, and manually processing and sharing documents can be ten times as expensive as the cost of producing them. Further, it’s not uncommon for businesses to have as many at nineteen copies of common business documents in various formats, such as paper, email attachments, local copies on employees’ PCs, and so on. And worse, up to 70% of documents are recreated, wasting time and resources that should be focused on growing your business.

Most offices spend 1-2 hours a day managing files. Our users spend 10-20 minutes. Document Management Software such as IQmfp combines the functionality of many different programs into one, and is the best option for any company interested in the paperless office. See how you can turn your physical store rooms and filing cabinets into electronic digital ones.

In our last post, we discussed how to become a digitally mature business utilizing essential digital filing management and services; but what tools actually help you get there? IQmfp is an electronic filing system is a system of organizing files that utilizes hard drive space or network space.

Instead of inefficient manual storage and processes that take up substantial space and waste time, IQmfp uses a unique electronic filing system that puts all your documents in one easy-to-search vault – where you can find what you want, when you want it. Our company uses it too!

IQmfp is the right choice, offering your business:

  • A secure, centralized document repository for fast and reliable access.

  • Easy search based on “full-text” document content and tags or keywords, not just file names.

  • Eliminate duplicate file storage. You can even store your documents in the cloud.

  • A space-saving electronic system – no bulky file cabinets to house or physical archives to maintain.

The idea is simple. We’re all familiar with how to file and organize paper documents. Organizing digital documents should work the same way. Documents should be organized into electronic filing cabinets which have drawers and folders just like physical filing cabinets. In short, our digital filing systems should mirror our physical filing systems as much as is reasonable. Electronic filing cabinets are an excellent way to organize digital files because any user can figure them out quickly. Additionally, our minds like a predictable, well-structured filing system.

Database-driven systems, on the other hand, tend to be unstructured. They rely on keyword lookup to find documents. When keyword searches fail, there is no structure to browse. Electronic filing cabinets, on the other hand, can provide both. Users can typically navigate the structure in just a few mouse clicks. If they fail to locate what they’re looking for, a quick keyword search can comb the cabinet for them.

Your digital filing system needs filing software that easily captures documents from any source, that integrates tightly with your OS software, that doesn’t lock your files in a database, and that lets you organize your digital files in electronic filing cabinets. Despite the fact that there are, literally, hundreds of different filing software choices out there, precious few meet all of these criteria. And among those, the low-cost but highest benefit leader is IQmfp.

Learn more about
eDocs Here

IQmfp carries all of the features that a proper electronic filing system should, along with many more to streamline your work. And it does all of this at a price the competition can’t touch. Does your company utilize a Document Management Solution or Software? Let us know, we love to hear about personal experiences!

The Best Electronic Filing System for Your Business of QLS Solutions Group