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Mobile Users Have a Demand For Document Printers Skip to main content

Mobile Users Have a Demand For Document Printers

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Mobile Users Have a Demand For Document Printers

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

The word on the street is office document printers are on the way out the door. It is inevitable that at some point printing documents will be a thing of the past. I don’t think that is news to anyone.

Interestingly enough, it turns out mobile users are actually printing more now than PC users. The International Data Corporation (IDC), performed a survey of 800 tablet and smartphone users and discovered that this is truely the case. It turns out that not only are mobile users utilizing printing apps for paper printing, they actually demand it.

Currently, some on the setbacks for mobile users is the lack of printing knowledge from the device, but also – quite a bit of companies do not seem to have mobile printing enabled. This can become quite an issue for device users and a huge draw back when it comes to productivity. What is even more fascinating is that mobile printing tends to be more prevalent within larger corporations rather than smaller companies.

This is a good time for companies to step up and provide mobile printing services through the company network. Enabling mobile usage on the network can be a good thing, especially if it means breathing a little bit more life in the printers already sitting around the office collecting dust. As it turns out, some companies have found a way to combat the learning curve and allow a safe way for mobile printing on the network. Many corperations are starting to create their own mobile apps for the employees that have a need to print to a compatible printer. Sometimes this is not always the best option for some businesses; so as luck would have it – Dell, Canon and HP have created apps for iOS and Android users.

I wouldn’t swear off printers just yet, as they may still have some go time.

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