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Managed Print Services Fix the System Before it Breaks

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Managed Print Services Fix the System Before it Breaks

Fri Apr 28, 2023 | Admin

Document life cycles are costing you
Looking at your document life cycle — produce, print, scan, file, retrieve — each step along the way both adds and subtracts from your bottom line. The final product, an invoice for example, is what generates income. However, if you produce thousands of multicopy invoices without the benefit of managed print services, your bottom line is leaking paper and ink.

Marrying business process with paperwork production
You might take pride in your proven business processes and protocol approach to closing sales, filling orders and keeping great records. As time goes on, though, all that process supported by all that paper begins to blue the original clear-eyed focus of getting the product to the customer without delay.

Decentralization isn’t the answer
You may have figured that decentralizing your printing effort would streamline your business process. Putting those dinosaur dot-matrix printers at the customer counter seemed like a good idea until the cost of those invoices and sales receipts began to rise and lower your profit margin. Likewise, giving each office its own laser printer didn’t turn out to be the most cost-effective route to efficiency.

Networking helps
You may even have compromised and networked your printing “fleet”, but printer downtime, trouble calls and cartons of printer paper can equate to thousands of dollars per year for each of your employees.

The managed approach to document output
It’s time to look at your printing in the same light as other important infrastructures of your business. What is the current status of your printing network and overall printing capability? What improved processes and equipment realignments do you need to place to make your document output and management as efficient as, say, your inventory management and control?

The benefits
Just by asking and considering the foregoing questions, can help you start down the path of:

  • Dramatically reducing print costs

  • Gaining control and maximizing your printing equipment and supplies

  • Streamlining document production and workflow through modern document management automation

Where to begin
Since, as the old saying goes, a problem well stated is a problem half solved, assuming your printers are networked, you need to get a handle on your printing operation and accumulate device, supply and page-count data. What is your overall cost per page and where are your high-cost/waste locations? What equipment consolidation or upgrades should you implement based on that data?

What you can do with the information
Knowing the details of your costly print production infrastructure is the key to getting a handle on costs and taking steps to reduce waste and reallocate assets. Printer maintenance can begin to become a function of usage trends, rather than trouble calls when the machine breaks. Perhaps a significant portion of your printing load can be replaced in the cloud by a computer keyboard “send” button, instead of the “print” command.

With the proliferation of color printing for marketing, sales and advertising materials, expect that office printing costs will continue to rise. Get control of those costs through managed printing services. Contact us and learn all about our approach and products that will be the ideal solution to your printing management problems.

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Does your company utilize a Managed Print Service Solution? If so, how is it working for you? If not, what are you waiting for?