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HP OXPd Maximizes Workflow

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HP OXPd Maximizes Workflow

Fri Apr 28, 2023 | Admin

Over the years your company has invested a lot of money in hardware to perform a host of functions – Printing, Faxing, Copying and Document Capture. Each of these requires specific software solutions and drivers. But although all of your printers are still functional, you lack the ability to coordinate and integrate all of them and their functions into one smooth application.

 changes all that. OXP stands for Open Extensibility Platform. OXP operates as a web application where the application resides on a remote server. This web application allows users to access any connected device from any computer, through an interface that is user-friendly and provides for an improved workflow for your staff.

HP OXPd Maximizes Workflow of QLS Solutions Group


One of the the beauties of HP OXPd’s user-friendly platform is ‘Job Mode’ and ‘Image Mode’. In Job Mode, thumbnails of scanned images are shown on the device control panel for users to preview job before sending to the destination. Image Mode, scanned pages are sent immediately to the destination as they are scanned. HP OXPd Scanning Services also provide methods for starting the scan job, monitoring, and cancelling the job, if necessary.

Benefits of HP OXPd:

  • Workflow – Allows all of your document manipulation devices to work together in a unified environment and provides remote access to all device features.

  • Device Independent – Rather than each device having its own specific software solution, one solution can be downloaded to all your devices manufactured after 2008 and the solution will configure itself to each device.

  • Cost Savings – HP OXPd will support devices produced from 2008 to the present but is also backward compatible to devices dating back as far as 2005. In many cases, no investment into new devices will be necessary.

  • Simplify IT Management – Since device management does not reside on your computers but on a remote server, updating and managing devices is streamlined. HP Web Jetadmin manages all your devices and makes installations and upgrades easier and less costly than having to upgrade each device individually.

Which Equipment are suitable for my needs?

At QLS Solutions Group, our goal is to supply your business with the right solutions to meet all your business needs. For more information on how we can help you better manage workflow and innovative IT solutions, contact us!