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How Workflow Automation Helps Your Business Skip to main content

How Workflow Automation Helps Your Business

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How Workflow Automation Helps Your Business

Tue May 02, 2023 | Admin

Drastically improve Business efficiency with Workflow Automation. Work Faster, Better, Smoother with document management software workflow solutions help you coordinate the activity of your people and the access to your content directly through your business processes. The work that makes up these processes flows from place to place and from person to person. After all, work happens everywhere, and automating everyday processes adds significant time and money savings, as well as greater compliance and accuracy.

Workflow automation, which can also be referred to as business process automation, is automating and streamlining paper based business processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide transparency into critical business processes.

Transform Your Business Through Automation
These rules are a programmed series of automated steps that route all of that content to various users on a multi-user document management system. Let’s take a look at an example for Accounts Payable:
Learn more about Accounts Payable Workflow »

Workflow solutions save time, boost productivity and decrease costs. You organization can be more efficient, more effective and more engaged with customers, if your employees are not slowed down by manual, paper-based processes.

Additional Benefits:

Reduce Costs
Automate Manual Tasks
Eliminate Duplicate Input
Accelerate Business Processes
Reduce Exception Handling | Validate Information Early in the Process
Improve Process Visibility
Save Time, Money & Headaches
plus more

Are there different levels of workflow automation?
Different companies may require different levels of automation. Some may only need to manually kick off an automated workflow a handful of times a month. This is called an ad hoc workflow, which is a simple, manual process by which documents can be moved around a multi-user document management system on an “as-needed” basis.

Other companies will want workflows kicked off immediately once a document enters the system, such as an invoice, with no human intervention. This is rule-based workflow, which is a programmed series of automated steps that route documents to various users on a multi-user document management system.

What are some common applications where workflows can be automated?
Automated workflows can be beneficial for many departments and applications within an organization. Here are just a few:Invoice processingOrder fulfillmentExpense reportingOutsourced mail-room servicesEmployee reviews | Time-off requestsOn-boardingBenefit documentatione-forms, e-docs, e-signatures plus more
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What kind of Document Management Solutions does your Business utilize? How is it working for you? We love to hear real-life industry experience!