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Why You Should Rent Instead of Lease Skip to main content

Why You Should Rent Instead of Lease

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Why You Should Rent Instead of Lease

Wed Apr 06, 2022 | Admin

Purchasing a copier is a big step for a lot of budding businesses and organizations. Opting for a long-term contractual lease can be risky, especially without testing your desired equipment. You want to experience maximum up-time and quick response times before making a committed decision; that’s why you should rent! Plenty of industries benefit from equipment rentals, but anyone who is trying to make the most of their budget will find value in knowing they will not have any unexpected costs associated with their copier rentals and services with us.

There is a lot of commitment involved in choosing new equipment and a new team of professionals ensuring that everything functions in a way that you and your team can properly utilize. Options like Z-fold, booklet making, and stapling are out there; will your team be utilizing these options enough to justify the purchase of the accessories needed to perform these tasks? Or do you need it for a temporary project? This may all seem overwhelming, but when you rent your equipment before making any long-term decisions, you negate the need for concern.

Top-of-Line Business Copiers for Rent

  • Want to successfully reduce paper volume? —Scale to a smaller machine or fleet

  • Experiencing growth or acquisition? —Scale to a larger machine or fleet

  • No long-term contracts are required —rent for as long as you need

  • Lower cost than leasing —no commitments

  • Scalable —to what your business needs

Also, did you know that there are tax benefits for those that choose to rent? Monthly lease and rental payments are typically deductible as a business expense on your business’s tax return. Savings, like these, help offset the cost of the lease, reducing the overall expense to your company.

Help! I’m Stuck!

What Office Equipment is your Business utilizing? Did you Buy/Lease/Rent? How is it working out for you? We always love hearing experiences from our readers!