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Using Managed Print Services Can Reduce Operational Costs Skip to main content

Using Managed Print Services Can Reduce Operational Costs

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Using Managed Print Services Can Reduce Operational Costs

Fri Apr 28, 2023 | Admin

Companies seeking to reduce unnecessary spending as it relates to IT operations should take a close look at the costs associated with their printing and imaging systems.

Upon closer inspection these companies may begin to notice that yearly spending on things such as hardware, toner, and ink cartridge replacement are substantial. Printers, fax machines, and scanner/copier machines are often sources of unnecessary spending within the operational budget.

The inflated costs associated with these items often go overlooked since many companies pay for these expenditures out of large operational budgets. Nevertheless, the costs listed above are indeed hardware capital expenditures that can drive up the operational and electricity costs for an entire department and certainly for an entire company. When these spending go unmanaged, much of these expenditures may go undocumented.

Companies need a central control center in order to keep print costs in check. In recent years, companies have found refuge from unnecessary print costs by using managed print services.

Companies that offer Managed Print Services are specialists when it comes to reducing operational costs relating to printing. According to Gartner (, a leading technology research company, organizations spend between 1 to 3 percent of annual revenues on print related tasks. Gartner went on to note that if it were not for their detailed reporting, many of these organizations would have had no clue of what their actual printing costs were.

Managed print service companies offer a turnkey operation to business owners so that they can know more assuredly the costs that are associated with their unique printing needs. Managed print services optimize efficiency and preserve resources. This improved efficiency relieves an organization’s IT department of all services and support responsibilities. A managed print service can organize and reduce the expenditures associated with print related tasks.

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If you are considering using managed print services to improve your company’s operational efficiency please feel free to contact us! What are some operational costs your company has issues dealing with?