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Steve Jobs and Apple’s Influence on QLS Skip to main content

Steve Jobs and Apple’s Influence on QLS

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Steve Jobs and Apple’s Influence on QLS

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

Despite the dramatic difference in scope and success, Steve Jobs and Apple have actually had quite an influence over QLS Solutions Group over our 20+ year history.

I am not going to say that myself or any of our team quite has the organic qualities and innovative success that Steve has demonstrated, but many of his accomplishments have inspired us to change and to innovate. This has prompted us to introduce new Programs, Solutions & Products, as well as to change our name.

Getting back to Steve and Apple, there is a really great timeline in the Boston Herald this AM available here that truly highlights the complete history of Apple Computer and Steve’s participation (I almost forgot he left the company for a minute there). What I would like to talk about is the events and accomplishments of the last 5 years. These milestones are the ones that really demonstrate the response to change, the accurate prediction of the impact change would have, and could have possibly been the catalyst to change that is currently evolving and yet to come.

The iPod is an ingenious product who in its space has no real rivals. What used to be a very difficult device (MP3 Players) limited to techie types was completely revolutionized by the synergy of its match with iTunes. It took a device only tech types enjoyed and made it so everyone could carry 2000 of their favorite songs with them. He then made it so the device could wirelessly connect to the internet and browse websites, send SMS messages, download content (music, video, etc), Video Chat, everything but make phone calls.

The iPhone picks up where the iPod stops and allows for wireless phone usage and hundreds of thousands of useful apps. The iPad gives us more real estate to work with.

All of these products innovated and facilitated change.
How did all of this influence QLS Solutions Group?
It all set a perfect example for us to realize that change was fast and constant. That paper is being taken out of core business processes and replaced with applications and other innovations and that the Document or Record was still there, just not on paper. And that, that Document or Organizational Currency would still require Management, now more than ever.

QLS has created innovative Programs/Products that address the change for Document Processes and how it impacts Businesses, Organizations & Government Agencies.

Our efforts are certainly humbled by Steve Jobs & Apple’s, certainly. But they are an inspiration to us and to us all.
I will end this post with a Thank You to Steve for the example he made and for the products that changed our lives. We will miss him and his impact on the world.

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