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Is your Office Printing as much as you did in 2007? Will your Costs Ch Skip to main content

Is your Office Printing as much as you did in 2007? Will your Costs Change?

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Is your Office Printing as much as you did in 2007? Will your Costs Change?

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

Every day we witness changes in Printer Page Volumes in our client base. Despite the surge in Legal Documents related to housing foreclosures, we are basically noticing a trend downward in Monochrome Printer, MFP and Copier Page Volumes.

Color Printers, MFPs & Copiers have enjoyed a modest increase over the past several years but are currently plateauing.

Is your Office Printing as much as you did in 2007? Will your Costs Change? of QLS Solutions Group


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for these page volume drops:

  • From a very broad perspective, there are a lot less people employed currently than in say, 2007. While this might not be the case in your company or organization, it is a big reason for declining printing. There is less work being done from an odd perspective.
  • Companies are using Solutions & Processes to avoid Printing and Mailing. We at QLS no longer print and mail invoices; this is handled more efficiently and less costly using email and automation. Plus it makes our Office More Green.
  • Organizations and Businesses are turning to Document Management Software and Solutions to accomplish more with less staff and operate more efficiently in general. So the Invoice they receive from QLS is no longer printed and filed in a folder, it is being stored directly in the Software Solutions Repository (Virtual Filing Cabinets)
  • Web, Tablet & Smartphone Applications (Apps) are changing our business processes and are taking paper out of the equation.
  • Even in Health Care, Paper is being reduced via EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and the Government is even imposing guidelines to reduce paperwork and become more green in this growing service industry.

So Paper is declining. What is the takeaway here?

You have to ask yourself a question about your organization and its Printer, MFP & Copier Fleet. What will my print Volumes be in a year? 2 Years? 4 Years? And what will my costs be?

Another Question, every bit as meaningful is “What can I do to Fix My Costs without Committing to any Volume? This is huge going forward as many Dealers offering Managed Print Services and Copiers will be trying to get you to commit to Volumes for 36–60 months. Don’t Sign that Lease if it includes any Page Volumes. One thing is for sure, once you have signed that Lease, you will be using those prints or feeding them to your kids at the end of each month.

Look for Solution Providers that are very sensitive to your requirements and your ROI. Many Copier Dealers will want to sell you 11 X 17 Paper Size Copiers (called A3), even though you don’t use 11 X 17 Paper. The Gross Margin on A3 Copiers is what the Copier Industries’ Salesperson Compensation Model is based on. If they sell you Copiers or MFPs (Multifunction Printers) that are Letter and Legal Paper Size (commonly called A4), they won’t meet their revenue quotas. Look for a Solution Provider who is putting your Organizations Needs and ROI before thier own.

Below is a Graph of a company who increased their revenue exponentially by adopting a Print Management Solution.

Is your Office Printing as much as you did in 2007? Will your Costs Change? of QLS Solutions Group

Speak to a Managed Print Specialist


I urge you to look at your Hard Copy Device Fleet and actively seek ways of freeing your company contractually from any commitment to page volume. Better yet, the day you will no longer be strapped to endless lease cycles is almost here, regardless of your company’s size. You can now Lease with a $1.00 buy-out and enjoy a better ROI on your document processes.

How has your volume changed and how will it change? Any Ideas?