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Is Outsourcing Document Scanning Right for Our Company? Skip to main content

Is Outsourcing Document Scanning Right for Our Company?

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Is Outsourcing Document Scanning Right for Our Company?

Thu Apr 27, 2023 | Admin

Many companies ask the question what are the benefits of outsourcing document scanning projects when they could hire their nephew or niece while on college break and rent a high speed scanner for a couple months to scan old documents. The two biggest benefits are Experience and Capital costs.

Companies rarely have trained employees to handle scanning projects and the cost to train part-time workers on hardware and scanning software is very costly. Hiring temporary staff or redeploying internal staff drives management costs up and doesn’t always live up to expectations.

Leveraging an experienced staff from a Document Scanning company like QLS Solutions Group Inc., eliminates:

  • In-House Training
  • Management Costs
  • Employee Overhead

By utilizing QLS knowledge and trained workers will help deliver a much faster return on investment.

Capital Costs:
In today’s economic climate, companies need an edge to keep profits steady and stay ahead of competition. With that being said, companies need to invest their capital into:

  • Products
  • Personnel
  • Hardware that Directly Generates Revenue

High-Speed Scanners, IT Infrastructure, and Document Scanning Software are investments that don’t align with many companies’ core strategies; outsourcing will Reduce or Eliminate any capital investment for this equipment. Outsourcing converts variable costs into fixed costs, which allows companies large or small to employ the capital in other areas of their business that will help create revenue.

Every project and investment within any size company carries an element risk. Outsourcing your Document Scanning will help mitigate that risk and help your company avoid any drawbacks when your company decides to convert paper documents to digital images.

What are your thoughts on Document Scanning in your Organization?